A Gallery of my work

I have arranged this gallery to show my work in the order I made it. Copies for the patterns of these pieces of needlelace can be downloaded at the end of the gallery as long as they are for personal use only. Unfortunately I cannot give you the patterns of the challenge pieces I made for The Guild of Needle Laces as the copyright belongs to them.

I decided I wanted to dive straight into working a design and not go down the route of working samples beforehand.I used a variegated perle thread in the colours shown.

The stitches used were Corded Single Brussels, Corded Double Brussels and Corded Treble Brussels. The top stitching has two threads as padding.
The stitches are all corded single brussels as I wanted it too look realistic and not to be too ‘lacy’. The exception is the post which is worked in Ardenza stitch (sometimes known as Up and Down stitch). The legs were two cordonets padded out with four lengths of thread and top stitched over. The eye is a black bead.

For the curve at the top of the head I used two needles to maintain the curve in the stitches. I was reasonably happy with the finished result but the belly is too square and the top stitching far to heavy. I need to improve on these area for my next project.
I wanted to try and replicate the shadow in the lower part of the belly. This was achieved by changing the thread colour in the middle of the row. Not easy but I think I managed to do quite effectively.
. I used Corded Single Brussels thoughout except for the green on its back which is Single Brussels.
To keep the cordonet thin I broke all of the advice about ending and finishing the rows of filling stitches. At the ends of the rows I only went around the cordonnet once and did not whip the last row. I started the next area by making the foundation row of stitches into the last row of the area above. Two needles were used for the curved bit of the belly. The eye is a small bead. The blue area of the wings was worked as one, working the filling stitches over the cordonnet’s for the wing edges. This though resulted in very thick black top stitching. For the tail, I worked it again as one area and threaded a black thread through the stitches which gave a more pleasing look.
The parrot was worked entirely in Corded Single Brussels using silk 100/3 threads
I was asked to run a workshop for absolute beginners at The Guild of Needle Laces' at their Annual General Meeting and Lace Day in October 2013. I chose this design as I thought it was a little more appealling than the simple leaf shape that is generally used to teach beginners.

It was worked with stranded cotton with the cordonet being worked in silk. The stitches used were Corded Single Brussels, Corded Double Brussels, Ardenza stitch and Pea stitch.
Each year The Guild of Needle Laces gives its members a challenge to work a piece of needlelace from a given pattern. The pattern in 2013 was this Art Nouvou style tulip.

I worked this entirely with variagated machine threads and instead of top stitching I used some coloured purl couched around the edges.

The stitches used were Corded Single Brussels, Ardenza stitch, Pea stitch variation
The Guild of Needle Laces challenge in 2014 was a Dragon.

I decided to make his body with some padding under the needlelace and the front wing free standing.

For the body I used a variegated Perle thread and a plain perle for the wings. The front wing is wired along all the lines of the wing to keep its shape and give it some strength.

The body was made in 4 parts - the main body, the back leg and tail, the two front legs. The ears are two woven picots applied after the body was stitched the the background fabric. The eye is a single bead.
The Guild of Needle Laces also holds a competition every other year for its members and a theme is given. The theme for 2014 was 'Fantasy Birds'.

This was my entry and I was delighted to win second prize.

He is made mainly in machine variegated threads except the rear tail feathers which are all worked using metallic threads.

The stitches used were Corded Single Brussels for the body a top blue wing. The first row of individual feathers were worked from top to bottom in - Corded Single Brussels, Corded Double Brussels, Single Brussels, Ardenza stitch, Venetian bars,

The rear feathers were worked from top to bottom in - Corded Single Brussels, Corded Double Brussels, Single Brussels, Corded Treble Brussels, Double Brussels, Pea stitch variation, Single Brussels, Double brussels.


Kay and I were asked by a branch of the Embroiderers' Guild if we would give a workshop on how to make needlelace. Kay wasn't too well at the time so I took the class. This is design I worked for them to have a go at.

It is worked in a number 12 crochet cotton and the stitches were Corded Single Brussels, Corded Ardenza stitch, Williamson stitch, Corded Point de Venise and Spiders Web stitch.

Patterns - For personal use only

Mushrooms - Click here                  Robin - Click here                  Blue Tits - Click here                   Two Small Mushrooms - Click here
Poppy - Click here                          Fantasy Bird - Click here
Parrot - I cannot find the pattern for the Parrot