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The Guild of Needle Laces
The Guild of Needle Laces was set up 1983 by a group of Nenia Lovesey's students. This ancient craft having practically died out is today enjoying a fresh revival. Stumpwork, 3 dimensional pieces, combination/collage style with a painted background, embroidery techniques, braids and tassels are all working methods in progress today.

Kay Dennis
Kay is an established member of The Guild of Needle Laces. Kay has been teaching Stumpwork and Needlelace professionally for the last 20 years. Her website is dedicated to those who take part in this fascinating form of embroidery which incorporates a lot of needlelace. Kay has written three books on Stumpwork, published by the well known craft book publisher Search Press, but are now out of print. All three books have been combined into one.

Catherine Barley
Catherine is a founding member of The Guild of Needle Laces and is currently the Life President. A tutor of international renown, Catherine has been teaching bobbin lace, needlelace and stumpwork both at home and abroad for over 40 years. Her work has been exhibited all over the world and her three books have received wide acclaim. Her first book is now out of print but due to demand for this excellent book Catherine has had it reprinted and is now on sale - see her website for more details.

Pat Trott
Pat is a well known teacher who specialises in hand embroidery. She has been a member of The Guild of Needle Laces for many years and has written several articles on various forms of needlelace.

Lacefairy is the largest website on handmade lace, and lacemakers, around the world and has thousands of pictures and information on the subject. A great source of all things lace.

Needlelace Talk
An international forum where you can make, learn and talk about needlelace